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04-10-2002, 08:00 PM
This might sound confusing but here it goes.

I have a plain DVD player that is not progressive scan. If I use a S-Video connection to connect it to a HDTV(most likely Hitachi 53SWX10B) what is the best resolution I could expect to recieve(480i/480p//520p/720p)? I ask because someone in another thread mentioned that their HDTV upconverted a 480i signal to 960i.

"My Sony upconverts the 480i to 960i and it looked better than the 480p. It is very close to HD quality of HBO."

Do all HDTV's do this or is it just certain brand/models?
What would I need to to this?


04-10-2002, 11:14 PM
Does your DVD player not have 'component' outputs? That's the red/green/blue RCA connections. If so you would more than likely connect your DVD player to your Hd monitor via that connection. Your HD monitor could upconvert (line double) the DVD to 480p from 480i. As to whether it could be upconverted higher, that's up to the specific TV's capabilites.

04-11-2002, 09:52 AM
It's been over a year but at the time the Sony was the only one that I read this about or was told that did this upconversion to 960i.

If someone has info on other sets that do this it would be nice to know.

04-11-2002, 03:14 PM
Ok, I'm confused. Isn't line doubling just a form of de-interlacing? i.e. you would line double a 480i to 480p. Is that considered an "up-convert"? Also do you really need component for line doubling?
I thought component was required for true progressive scan, but as the satellite recievers that I've seen do not have component, only svideo, that would mean that there would be no line doubling for convential satellite channels.

04-11-2002, 03:50 PM
The tv themselves have line doublers so when fed a simple 480i source like OTA, or SD satellite channels via s-video or whatever the tv upconverts it to 480p or 960i.

In the case of progressive scan dvd players where the conversion to 480p is done in the player itself so to speak, then that progressive signal does indeed need to be passed through via component. Then the tv's built in line doubler is bypassed.

Usually a tv's built in doubler leaves alot to be desired thats why progressive scan dvd players are used. Though in the case of the better tv's out there like the Pioneer Elite, the line doubler is so good that you can get away with an interlaced dvd player if you so choose (so some of the owners of those sets say).

Not to say that in either case the difference between a progressive scan DVD player and an interlace one is like night and day, though it is generally accepted that a progressive scan dvd player does give a smoother and less artifact ridden picture to the discerning eye in most cases.