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07-18-2000, 02:38 AM
Hi... Can anyone help me?

During a storm my G.I. 2650R went down.
It seems that the whole memory is screwed up.

In order to reprogram the unit I have to set the "Memory Lock" off. But this does not work. The light on the memory lock remains on. I have tried to switch the unit on and off. I have held the button down as suggested by the manual. But to no avail.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

07-20-2000, 07:10 PM
May be time to think about repairing or replacing.

If you don't have a local dealer to do repairs, you might want to contact these folks.

ATS Electronics, Inc.
1969 Bethany Church Rd.
Newton, NC 28658
(828) 465-9968
Contact: Tom Sherrill tom@ats-electronics.com
Webpage: www.ats-electronics.com (http://www.ats-electronics.com)

This is a company formed by GI "factory" repair technicians who did not want to move when GI relocated their repair facility to Mexico. They are approved for GI warranty repairs, though that obviously won't apply to your unit.