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09-06-2001, 01:08 AM
With the talk of CFCF going to full CTV programing.What "Indy Stations" are left.
A-Channels(all)own by Craig Family I think
NTV -own by ?-though person must real hip considering some of the comericals and bizarre programing some from different stations and those OZ FM Video's during a program Whats Up with That?
Are there anyone else I'm leaving out.
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09-06-2001, 05:51 AM
CKSA - CBC affiliate, Lloydminster, AB/SK
CITL - CTV affiliate, Lloydminster, AB/SK

Both owned by one outfit run out of a shoebox downtown http://www.kusat.com/forums/images/icons/smile.gif

LOL .. I used to live there, there's a SAAN store right next door to their "Broadcast Centre". One night at around 11:30pm me and a bud were driving past there and noticed smoke billowing out the back, so we drive around to the front, see flames and call the fire department.

We go stand across the street and wait, both stations leave the air around midnight and there's always people there overnight doing who knows what type of editing/chopping. So, fire department shows up, the SAAN store is burning quite nicely, luckily there's a firewall between the store and the studios.

Around 12:30pm we actually went and knocked on the side door of the studios, we had to inform them to maybe bail out the building just in case and it might be an idea to bring a camera along http://www.kusat.com/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

It was quite comical, they were next door to what's obviously going to be a big story in a small town like that and only managed to get the tail end of the fire.

Anyways, it's a family owned operation they've had since 1958 or something, starting in radio, they have an AM station as well. Programming wise, they suck, no budget at all to speak of. I used to gas up the owners car, asked him one day if they ever planned on broadcasting in stereo, he laughed and said hardly any shows are stereo anyway.

The population of Lloyd is around 17,000 and their market area with repeaters taken into account is under 100,000. The corps probably won't want them, they also make good training grounds.