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09-05-2001, 10:02 PM
CHUM Television and Court TV announce the Launch of CourtTV Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 5 /CNW/ - Learning and Skills Television of Alberta (LTA),
(which is majority owned by CHUM Television), and Court TV U.S. are pleased to
announce the launch of CourtTV Canada, a new television channel to be
distributed in Canada starting September 7th, 2001.

While Court TV U.S., with 63.3 million subscribers in the United States,
is already being seen by many Canadian satellite and cable subscribers, a
significant amount of that channel's prime time programming has been blacked
out in Canada as a result of television rights restrictions. CourtTV Canada is
now able to offer Canadians the very best content from the American channel,
along with exciting new programming produced in Canada, as well as programming
previously available only to English Language markets outside Canada and the

Ron Keast, President and CEO of LTA noted that "there currently is an
established audience with Court TV U.S. and I'm very pleased that Canadian
content and series will now be featured on CourtTV Canada. I anticipate
viewers will be very pleased with the merging of programming."

Bob Rose, Executive V-P, Affiliate Relations of Court TV is enthusiastic
about the new arrangement and commented that "we are really excited at
partnering with CHUM in the launch of CourtTV Canada. This will combine the
best of the programming experience we have developed over the last ten years
in this very popular genre, with CHUM's innovation and creativity in
developing and delivering interesting and entertaining programming to

Peter Palframan, V-P Finance for CHUM Television and LTA said that "this
relationship allows us to put together an exciting 24-hour program schedule
that will feature Court TV's compelling daytime live trial coverage and legal
analysis from inside the U.S. courts, along with a block of impressive crime
related shows."

The rich mix of Canadian, popular U.S. and international programming will
include dramas, documentaries, movies and series.

From Canada, Interesting and useful insight into Canadian law, crimes and
law enforcement will be provided by veteran journalist and lawyer Lorne
Honickman, who will be specializing in legal issues, and Curtis Clarke, a
former police officer now university professor lecturing in policing and
safety. Said Honickman: "this is a channel that Canada's legal community will
be enthusiastically supportive of, and will be a great help and resource to
viewers, as we will explain all aspects of law and order in Canada in a clear
and simple way from family law to criminal law and even small claims court."

From the U.S., Catherine Crier Live will be available to Canadian viewers
daily, along with such other hugely successful primetime programs as The
Practice, Murder One, Nash Bridges, L.A. Law and Hill Street Blues.

From Australia, the list of programming entries includes the award-
winning Sea Change, the dramatic series Fire, and the drama Wildside.

From the U.K comes Great Crimes of the Twentieth Century, a major new
series of true stories of trials and crimes, carefully reconstructed, and The
Vice, a hard-hitting drama set in London's West End.

Canadian reality series include To Serve and Protect, highlighting RCMP
police methods; In the Line of Duty, a series following emergency workers and
police on call; and Fire Station No. 1, a thirteen part series about four
people and their lives in one of Canada's busiest fire stations.

CourtTV Canada will be available to Canadian satellite television and
digital cable subscribers, including Bell ExpressVu, Rogers, Cogeco and other
digital cable distributors as of September 7th, 2001.

Learning & Skills Television of Alberta, based in Edmonton, Alberta, owns
and operates Canadian Learning Television, Canada's first national educational
specialty service, Access The Education Station, Alberta's provincial
educational service, BookTelevision the Channel, a new digital specialty
service to be launched in September, and The Learning Annex Canada, which
offers courses for personal, professional and vocational development.

CHUM Television is a division of CHUM Limited, one of Canada's leading
media companies and content providers, which owns and operates 28 radio
stations, seven local television stations, ten specialty channels with an
additional seven digital channels launching Fall 2001. CHUM's original
television content is seen in over 120 countries worldwide and on new media
platforms including interactive television, wireless and exclusive CHUM
branded Internet properties.

09-05-2001, 10:18 PM
It's good to See Court Tv Canada has gotten the rights to the shows that are blacked out on the U.S versian Those shows our
The Practice, Murder One, Nash Bridges, L.A. Law and Hill Street Blues.

They also air alot of movies and also COPS. did we get clearence for those shows. Also Street Legal and The Associates would be great for Can-Con.

09-05-2001, 10:38 PM
To Serve and Protect!!! Who wants to see a bunch of boring marijuana busts in Vancouver. I'll take the crackhead busts in L.A. anyday.


09-05-2001, 10:55 PM
Comparing the Court-TV Canada lineup with the US lineup, I think the Can con version is airing much better shows and we still get the bulk of the core daytime programming to boot with the live trials. I was concerned we would lose the core daytime live programming but that wont be the case. Hoorah!!